Why we should stop blaming the media


This summer while my sister and I were at my parent’s house for the week, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame. Me and my sister had just got out of the pool and were sitting around talking while my niece was still swimming. We were just talking about usual stuff and then we began comparing and criticizing our bodies like girls do when they are in their swimsuits. What we thought was a meaningless conversation turned into a lesson for us.

Later that night after my sister put P to sleep she came out and said “we have to stop talking about our bodies in front of her.” My sister said that P had asked if her legs looked skinny…Of course this little girl doesn’t know what skinny is but she heard those words and was repeating what she heard. It broke my heart to hear that this had came out of the mouth of my beautiful, absolutely perfect, 4 year old niece. I knew she didn’t know what that meant or what it was referring to but I still felt horrible and guilty that she had even heard it but nonetheless repeated it. Then I began thinking that it is not the media or magazine covers that teach young girls these harsh words. They don’t explain how to criticize and critique their bodies, yet it is the ones that are around them. When walking in the grocery store it is not the magazine that says anything about skinny legs. But it is the people that she looks up to and tries to act like, where she hears those damaging words. Most of the time when I hear women compare and complain about their looks, it is not a celebrity that they are envying, but more times than none it is about the woman in the mall with a rocking body or the envy over their best friends hair. It’s things like that that these children are hearing. I will say that my sister has done an amazing job at not letting P hear us say things like “fat or skinny” or anything associated to that in front of her. But all it took was one moment when we didn’t know that little ears could hear what we were saying for her to pick up on it.

I am not saying that the media has not given us unrealistic expectations for our body and looks, they certainly have. But little girls who don’t know how to read, don’t know what skinny or fat means are learning it from their aunts, mom, and grandmas. It is us that is teaching them about what we are supposed to want to look like. It’s us who have given them these words that they will hear too many times as they grow up. So yes, when they are older they will see magazine covers of a perfectly styled woman and probably wonder why she doesn’t look like her. But at age 4 it is not the media. It is the ones who are supposed to protect their innocence and help remind them that they are perfect just the way they are. That it is not outer beauty but inner beauty that matters the most. I know that girls are going to talk negatively about their body, I am just as guilty. But after hearing that she said those words it has made me careful what to say around her.

xoxo, Whitney

August Favorites

It’s no surprise that I like to find new things and try them out. Over the month of August I bought new products some I liked and some I did not and some I already had. Usually whenever I buy a new lipstick I wear it all month until I find another new one and the cycle goes on and on. So here is my list of the things I was obsessed with in the month of August.

images-4Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb- I decided recently that it was time to venture out and try new perfumes. I have been using the same two for the past seven years. Yes I am still obsessed with them I figured there were some out there that surely smelled at least just as good. I had read about this perfume on a lot of beauty blogs about how they are obsessed with this smell, so I went to Sephora and checked it out. I usually do not like really sweet perfumes but I surprisingly liked this one. It’s a really sweet and feminine smell, it also is stronger than most sweet perfumes so that is a plus.

images-5Too Faced Chocolate Soleil- In the summer I lay out a lot so my face makeup never matches after the second or third pool day. Most bronzers I’ve found tend to have a shimmer to them which can make your face to look shiny/oily, however this one is matte so it is flat without any shimmer. This bronzer is made with real cocoa so not only does it smell amazing but it also is going to give a more natural color rather than an orange tint. 

images-6Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet- 36 La Caline- I was just browsing around Dillards one day when I stopped at the Chanel counter. I’ve never tried any of their makeup before so I was curious to see how it was. I tried on a couple of lipsticks and as soon as I put this one on I was sold. First it goes on like butter, it is sooooo soft. Second I was in love with the color. It’s a really pretty mauveish pink color. Also the packaging of this lipstick is really neat. I like how Chanel is embossed into the lipstick but more importantly the lipstick pops into the cap with a spring so if you drop it the cap doesn’t fall off.

s1531904-main-heroUrban Decay in Native- I saw this on a beauty youtube channel and I thought the color was just so pretty on her. The picture doesn’t really reflect the true color of this lipstick. I would describe it to be a really pale/nude baby pink. With light colors like this sometimes it can cause it to look streaky and lip lines so something I do to help is use a lip primer first and then follow with a clear gloss. 

images-7Stilla liquid eyeliner- I have used this eyeliner for several months now so I would declare this to be an every month favorite. Almost every liquid eyeliner I found that I liked they would discontinue it or would change something about it and I would have to find a new one. I could never find one I liked either they were too wet or too dry. Finally I asked someone at Sephora for a good liquid eyeliner and she told me this one. She said it was their best seller and Sephora sells one every 3 mins or something like that. I now know why. I was a little skeptical about a liner that you didn’t have to dip into something to get the liquid, I figured it would dry out too quickly. I will say that this eyeliner is amazing. It lasts a long time, it doesn’t smudge, it isn’t too wet, and it’s not too dry. 

images-8Evian Facial Spray- This is a facial spray that is a natural mineral water. To be honest I am not completely sure what the benefits of using this spray is but I think it feels amazing when you spray it on. On morning where I am really tired and my skin looks dead I spray this on my face and I feel like it helps hydrate my skin. Also these are travel size so you can take it with you on the go. Throughout the day if your face is looking blah spray this one and it helps revive your makeup.

images-9Sephora Lift Off Lash Comb- This thing is awesome. It looks kind of scary that sharp metal wires are coming toward your eye to separate your eyelashes but it gets the job done. I like this one because it won’t break like the plastic bristles do. Also it folds so it doesn’t take up much room in my makeup bag and I can take it on the go.


My 14 Favorite Memories of College

Since I just started my last semester of college it has made me look back at all the memories I have made over the past four years. I have so many wonderful memories of the past 4 years but it’s bittersweet to think of them. I wish that I could remember every little detail but unfortunately I can’t. I have lots of memories some small and some big, but I am going to share the big ones that stick out that have given me that “college experience.” So here is my trip down memory lane…

1) Camp Crimson- This is where it alllllll began. Camp Crimson is a camp for incoming freshman that are attending OU the summer before their freshman year. You learn lots of interesting things about OU and meet a lot of cool people. I had probably been to ever camp under the sun in OK when I was in high school so I was hoping that it wasn’t like all the other ones. But this camp was so much better than those! It was fun and I met one of my best friends there. If it wasn’t for CC then I would have never met Laken and therefore never would of been introduced to my best friends that I have today :) 35111_417838047866_5379639_n

2) Bid Day- This day was filled with so many emotions- nervous, excited, scared, and happy. Finally rush week was over and I got to meet all my sorority sisters! It was crazy; everyone was running around finding out what house they got. I got my bid card and ran downstairs to find my family waiting for me. I went and told them what house I got and then I ran over to Gamma Phi Beta to meet everyone. I just remember running over to the house and saw a huge crowd of girls with matching shirts and daisy headbands with signs. I saw a girl that I met a couple days before and she had a sign that said “Welcome home Whitney.” It really was amazing to experience this. This was definitely one of those moments I won’t forget.

3) Snowpocalypse 2011- Freshman year was like the year for snow days. I don’t know how we managed to get out of school that many times but PTL we did. There was one time that a whole week got cancelled, literally best week of my life. It was like spring break but winter edition. It was just one week of frat row having fun. I remember one night in particular my friends and I were walking home from Delt and it felt like -40 degrees and snow was pounding our faces. We were freezing and covering our faces with any clothing we had, all while walking on a road covered in ice. Needless to say the trip from Delt to the dorms took 15 min longer than normal and every foot we walked one of us would bust it. Even at the time of us almost freezing to death it was still so funny.

4) Big/Little 2012-  It was my sophomore year and I was finally getting my own little! This is something that every sophomore looks forward to because we finally get to reveal that we are our little’s big! A lot of things lead up to that one exciting moment. So much crafting and sneaking around to try and make it an exciting surprise for our new little. It was so much fun surprising Kendall and also seeing everyone running around excited that they were officially big/little. 313914_1438980861687_1792375399_n

5) Moonstruck 2012- This was probably my favorite gphi date party that I had been to. Honestly, I didn’t have the best luck when it came to girl date parties so I guess I can’t really compare, but I still had a lot of fun at this one. It’s probably my favorite one because of how many funny memories I have from this date party. The next day I was crying laughing from everything that happened the night before. This was also my favorite venue we went to. (Good job Laila ;)) It was at the Remington Park and it was just so pretty and perfect, I loved it. This one was special because all of my roommates were able to go so we got to spend the night together dancing and acting like we were DJs. Pretty sure we weren’t aloud to use the mic or “scratch” but somehow we managed to sneak up there and do it.

6) Sophomore spring break- This was my first spring break trip that I had been to and it was everything I thought it would be. I had never been to Florida so I was super excited to visit and spend a week with an amazing group of girls. It was all my roommates and like 12 of our other sorority sisters. We went to Destin and stayed at the cutest beach house that looked like a pink Barbie house, so that is what we officially named it for that week. It was like a little community of houses with a lot of different schools staying there. It was pretty close to the beach but also had a community pool that everyone went to. We went to the beach a couple of days, stayed at the pool one day, and went looking around one day. The pool day is my favorite day of this trip. I know it’s weird we were hanging at a regular pool when there was a beach less than a mile away, but everyone was hanging out there that day so that’s where we ended up. It was so much fun and we ended up having a cookout and inviting the whole pool to come to our house. So there we were that night at our beach house with a bunch of random people eating half cooked hamburgers hahaha. (I’m still not sure how none of us got sick from that). One day it was supposed to rain so a group of us decided to go to seaside and the mall. Everything around the beach is so cute but seaside was the most adorable town I’ve seen. It looked like a town you would see on a movie or something. Anyways it was nice just to walk and look around. On our last day it was raining again and it also was the day that the Hunger Games movie came out. I don’t know why I love that we did this so much? I guess because it was so unexpected for a SB trip to go see a movie but it was a really fun day. This trip was SO much fun and I also got closer to some of my sorority sisters so it is definitely one of my favorite memories of college.


7) Living in the sorority house- I have many little memories of living in the house but I am just going to compile them into one big category. Most would think that living in a house with 80 other girls would be awful. While there were times I couldn’t wait to get out, overall it is something that I am so happy I got to experience and I find myself missing it sometimes. I know it sounds so cheesy to say it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity but it honestly was. Where else can you go and find a place to live with 80 other girls? Living in really helped me branch out and meet girls that I maybe would have never been friends with before. We all came from different places and backgrounds and we all had something unique to give. It was nice to come home and always have someone to talk to or eat with. Plus you could almost guarantee that there was another girl that shared your same obsession with your favorite TV show. That year I got to know a lot of amazing women and I got a lot closer to some of them. It was like one big support system. I experienced a lot of acts of kindness. Everything from someone asking if I was ok, to giving me a ride to class while it was raining, or letting me borrow something that I needed. One of the best things about living in was cookie Thursday, snack kitchen, and the intercom system. Every Thursday our sweet house mom would make us chocolate chip cookies, I don’t know what it was but they were the best cookies I’ve ever had. Literally they were so amazing. The snack kitchen was my downfall while living in. Everyone says watch out for freshmen 15 but I swear its sophomore 20 that will sneak up on you! Between having someone cook all your meals for you, cookie thursday, and a kitchen of snacks available 24/7 you are destined to gain weight. If you didn’t then you have great willpower or a killer metabolism, either way we all envy you. The intercom system=golden. It was probably gphi’s biggest mistake putting my roommates and me right by an intercom because we used that thing like it was our cell phones. I cannot tell you how many late night “messages” we made on that thing. And by messages I mean a dumb quote from bridesmaids or the hangover. So if anyone from PC 10 is wondering who would get on the intercom and laugh for 5 min before they said anything, 80% of the time it was room 4. (sorry :/)

8) OU/TX Junior year- OU/TX is fun no matter what; it’s one of my favorite traditions at OU. Every year whenever OU plays Texas a lot of the students go to Dallas for the weekend to watch the game at the cotton-bowl stadium. Since Texas is our biggest rival everyone is really hyped for the game and it’s just a really fun environment. My junior year I went with Madison, Laken, Brooke, Noel and Rachel. When we first got there we stumbled upon a random authentic Mexican restaurant and it was amazing. They had the best tamales I had ever had. Even if you don’t go to the game a lot of people will go to the fair and walk around. With that also comes checking out all the crazy fair food, like fried bubble gum (I didn’t even know that was possible). It was a fun weekend with my favorite people. Oh and we won so it made it even that much better.


9) Vegas- Of course this is one of my favorite moments because c’mon it’s Vegas, I feel like I shouldn’t even have to explain this one. The summer between my junior and senior year of college a group of my friends and I went to Vegas for my friends 21st birthday. On our way out there we had one of the worst flights I’ve ever been on and didn’t end up getting into Vegas until midnight. Luckily for us, that’s early for that place. We were staying at the MGM grand and ended up going to their nightclub the first night. We didn’t know this at the time but apparently it was new and a really popular place to go but since we didn’t get out until later that night, we didn’t get to see everything about it. The place was actually really cool, it had three wrap around stories with a stage for the DJ. If there is anything you should know about Vegas it is get a promoter. This was the best thing we could have had. Pretty much it’s a list that these people put you on so that you can go to a certain club, usually without paying. It probably helped that there were eight girls though. The next day we went to a day pool. I don’t really know how to explain this other than there were more people than the pool could hold, cabanas, and a stage with a good DJ. That night we went to a hole in the wall Italian restaurant that everyone kept talking about. The food was amazing and there was an adorable little man walking around playing on the accordion the whole time. After that we went to the Wynn hotel and went to XS. Coming from Oklahoma we don’t have any clubs like theirs in the least. So it was definitely a new thing for us but it was awesome. The place, environment, music and everyone are just 20 times cooler. XS was probably my favorite place we had gone. I just really liked how it was set up and it was a really fun night. The next day we went gambling and I learned how to play roulette. Of course I never won anything but it was a lot of fun. For our last night we went to Lavo. This place was a lot more intimate than the other places we had gone the nights before. This night was also really fun, I know I keep saying “fun” but everything was fun and awesome. That night we (my friends) met Pauly D and Josh Abbot band so I guess you could say this place was pretty cool. The next day we were leaving at night so we spent the day walking around checking out the strip and the rest of the hotels. Overall it was one of the most fun trips I’ve gone on. I’m glad we all had a good time and we were all able to go to celebrate Madi’s birthday with her!


10) Texas Tech game- I’ve been to almost every home game at OU since I’ve been in college but this one was one of those games that I’m so glad I didn’t miss. Before the game, it started raining and since you aren’t allowed umbrellas in the stadium we had to go look for a poncho. You do not want to wait the day of a game to look for a poncho when it is raining. My family and I went everywhere looking for ponchos but everyone was sold out. Finally my dad found the last of some cheap plastic ones from a grocery store. Luckily we had found some, but they weren’t the best at keeping the rain away. By the end of the game my poncho had ripped in 10 different pieces and I was completely soaked, looking like a drowned rat. Once I got to the game I went and stood with Brooke in the student section. The whole first half sucked. We could not play to save our lives. After the half we came back and the last quarter of the game we would score and they would score. It was a really close intense game. I just remember the crowd was insane and everyone was hyped up. The whole game it drizzled on Brooke and I but we didn’t even care. We ended up winning in like the last 10 seconds of the game 38-30. All of the players and stadium was going insane.

11) Sledding- This past winter we had a snow that actually stuck. I feel like this rarely happens. Yes we usually get some snow but not where it sticks where you can do stuff with it. So since it had, Laken, Brooke, and I decided we wanted to go sledding. At our apartments there was a big hill so we put on 10 layers of clothing and grabbed a laundry basket (ghetto) and went sledding. At first when we tried we just ended up falling all the way down the hill. Like literally fell out of the basket…We finally figured it out and got a good system going. We had a lot of fun and eventually had to stop because our “sled” had broke. We then went and enjoyed hot chocolate in front of our pretend fire. Our fire consisted of a fake flame that we had found on the Roku. This moment sticks out for me because that is something that we do not get to do often. It only snows in the winter and rarely enough to do things like this. So it was really neat to be able to get to do this with my best friends.

12) Luke Bryan concert- Before I even start to talk about this I am just giving everyone a little warning. I sound like a psycho fan girl and well…it’s because I kind of am. So anyone who knows anything about me knows I am 100% obsessed with Luke Bryan. He’s just perfect. Luckily one of my best friends shares the exact same obsession as me so when we found out that he was coming to OKC we knew we had to go and we also had to get VIP tickets. We joined his fan club just so we could get early access to buy tickets. That probably should embarrass me but whatever, no shame. Both Brooke and I, and her mom were all waiting for the tickets to go on sale. After it was done, between the 3 of us we ended up with 10 Luke Bryan tickets. While we weren’t able to get the pit tickets we still got the VIP tickets which we were freaking out over. This allowed us to go before he performed to this room with about 50 other people and watch him perform 2 acoustic songs. We wanted to make sure we got on the front row so we could see his beautiful face as close as we could. Luckily we got in a really good place because after his songs he walked down the line and we got to touch him. I feel like a freak saying that but it was hands down best moment of my life. Anyways it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. His opening performance was amazing and then the whole night he was dancing and just being awesome. Finally he ended the night with our favorite song “Country Girl.” People can say whatever they want about him but he really is a great performer. We left the concert that night on cloud 9 and sore throats, jamming all the way back to Norman to Luke Bryan. 1508523_10202375055810188_1302711001_n1891189_10202375246294950_569390951_n1619277_10202375050570057_1697220877_n

13) Cabo- For this past spring break Brooke and I decided to go to Cabo San Lucas. We stayed at Pueblo Bonito sunset beach. The resort was nice and absolutely beautiful. It was just she and I staying in a room but there were a bunch of other OU students going down there. Some stayed at the same resort we did and others stayed at 2 sister resorts. All I have to say is if you are going to a resort then all inclusive is totally the way to go. If you want 87 pizzas delivered to you then you can. It was amazing. We felt like princesses because a golf cart took us everywhere all throughout the resort and had room service on the reg. So if that wasn’t worth it then I don’t know what is. Within our resort had three different pools. There was the lower pool, the middle pool, which was the children’s pool, and the sky pool, which was the pool at the top of the resort that overlooked everything. Most of the days we just went to the sky pool. It was the most relaxing thing ever. One day we woke up and went to the pool and ordered lunch poolside, so while we were getting our tan on we were also having food delivered to us, all while looking out over the ocean. Then one day we went to the sister resorts and that beach. That is where all the OU students were hanging out so we went there and hung out. We saw a deal for parasailing and decided to do that. We were really excited because neither of us had done it before but always wanted to. So we got on the boat that took us out to the main boat and then the freak out began. Once we saw how high we got we started to loose our cool and wondering if we could really go through with it. After seeing a 10-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy do it we figured out that we needed to get it together and just do it. So we did and I’m so happy we did. Initially it was a little scary looking down and seeing this dark pit of water but the view was SO amazing. While we were up there we saw a stingray and a turtle so that was pretty cool. Since it was only Brooke and I on the trip we never really left our resort and it’s something I don’t recommend, unless you are familiar with the area or with a group or guys. But overall it was an amazing experience and I’m so happy I was able to go and experience it with my best friend. 984023_10202730382853142_553941431_n1977044_10202704252279894_1118112663_n1897798_10202681092900924_735769631_n

14) SUGAR BOWL- So every other event has been in order except this event because I wanted to save this for last. So obviously everyone knows what happened at the sugar bowl this year, and if you don’t then I assume you just now crawled out beneath your rock. Once my friends and I found out that the Sooners were going to the sugar bowl we knew we were going. First it was my first time in Nola and second it was my first time to see a bcs bowl. We pretty much thought that we were going to lose but we wanted to go anyway for the experience of it all, either way it would be fun. Everyone had warned us about Bourbon Street and the crazy things and people that were there. Not going to lie we were sketched out going the first night but it was not how everyone described it. Everyone there was either from Alabama or Oklahoma so it was pretty normal and the safest BS to see. The day before the game we spent the day looking around the French quarter and getting a taste of beignets (delicious). Somehow we stumbled upon a pep rally for OU and it was really cool, they were playing the fight song and giving little pep talks so that was fun to see. But anyways the next day was game day and we were pumped. So we get our tickets and walk in to the stadium. It turns out we were in the end zone, second row with most of the OU students. The game starts off and Alabama gets a touch down too quickly so we start thinking that this could be really bad. Anyways we make incredible plays and touchdowns and end up winning. When I say it was the best moment I am not being dramatic, it really was the best. I cannot describe how amazing it was but it really was. Everyone was going insane; there was confetti and people jumping around. This is one moment that I am so thankful I was there to witness and experience. Anyway obviously this was my ALL time favorite memory of college, why would it not be? P.S. we ended up getting on the jumbatron a couple of times, including tv so that is pretty cool. 1505108_10202307124831956_1969313134_n1535696_10202307130312093_1072460033_n1601197_10202307132432146_1911755339_n


There were some trips I didn’t list like some spring breaks and OU/TX since they are pretty much the same as others listed but they were still memorable and just as much fun. I feel so incredibly lucky to experience even just one of the things but much less all of them. These moments aren’t my only favorite memories I have from college. I have a lot. Things like going to church with my roommates, game days, date parties, going to second chance, dorm life, late night talks, the list could go on and on. It’s not just the big memories that have made college unforgettable but everything combined. Of course I will miss going on spring breaks but I think I will miss the little things the most. I will miss not being right down the hall from my best friend, lounging on the couch with my roommates, or just randomly go to the mall or to eat with your friends whenever you want. Everyone always asks me if I’m happy that I’m almost done and I never know how to respond. Of course I cannot wait for the day I don’t have to worry about tests and papers. But I am also incredibly sad that it’s over. I feel unbelievably grateful for the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had. I’ve enjoyed every single moment and am sad it’s almost over but I am happy that I have made these memories that I won’t forget.


p.s. I know I say “amazing, fun awesome, excited, crazy, and insane” way too many times but I didn’t know how to describe them. After all they were all amazing, fun, awesome, exciting, crazy, and insane memories.

All about hair

Since I just got my hair done a couple of days ago it made me want to share some of my favorite hair products and tools. Anyone who knows me knows I lovvvve hair products and makeup. For me I think hair products are the most essential part of styling your hair. Personally it doesn’t matter how good my curls just turned out, if I don’t use product then I can kiss them goodbye in 3-4 hours. Just trust me you want to invest in good hair care products.

1) 220It’s a 10 miracle leave in conditioner: They say miracle and they mean it because this stuff can turn my hair from a hot mess to shiny and smooth. Whenever I get out of the shower my hair is a tangled knot that is unbrushable so right when I get out I just spray some of this in my hair and bam its manageable. It smells amazing and it leaves your hair nice and soft.

2) s1270578-main-LheroBumble and Bumble thickening hairspray: so I may be just a little bit of a Bumble and Bumble fanatic but what can I say? Their products rock and smell great. I spray this right after the it’s a 10 and it just helps give my hair more texture and makes it feel thicker. Which is something I need.

3)s1489988-main-LheroBumble and Bumble thickening mousse: this is another form of a thickening product but this in mousse form. They just recently came out with this and I actually like this one better than the thickening spray but when used together it creates extra volume for your hair.

4) 1198056_fpx.tifBumble and Bumble styling lotion: I don’t use this everyday. It is mostly used for when you are round brushing your hair when drying it and it just kind of holds everything in place.

5) s1438019-main-heroBumble and Bumble hairdresser’s invisible oil: This is great for when your hair is extra dry. If I am noticing my hair looks dry or frizzy I put it at the ends of my hair when it is wet. I have also heard of people putting a couple of drops into their shampoo or conditioner just to give it a little extra nourishment. Since my hair gets oily easily I don’t do this or put it on my roots.

6) s1270487-main-LheroBumble and Bumble thickening serum: The other two thickening products above are a temporary solution to get your hair thicker, just used for styling purposes. But this product is supposed to actually work over time to thicken your hair. I don’t use this as often as I should but when I do use it I put it on the ends of my hair at night.

7) bumble-and-bumble-pret-a-powder-equal-parts-dry-shampoo-1.gifBumble and Bumble pret-a-powder: This is by far my favorite bb product! This is like magic in a little bottle. It works as a dry shampoo and also gives you  extra volume for second day hair. This powder really does give you an extra boost to your hair, my hair always teases so much better after using this.  Disclaimer: If you are a brunette be careful not to overuse this because you will end up with ashy gray looking roots. Extra tip for blondes- if you’re due for a highlight and your roots are starting to show just sprinkle a little of this in your hair and it really helps conceal and makes your roots not look as harsh.

8) B02M_152x358Bumble and Bumble classic hairspray: I have tried dozens and dozens of hairsprays throughout my life but this is my all time fav. This gives me the hold I need without making my hair stiff and crunchy. Absolute must have for me.

9) sleekhair_2269_2927156609Bumble and Bumble de mode hairspray: You are probably wondering why I listed another hairspray but this is a travel size hairspray. I keep this baby in my purse at all times to do quick little touchups on the go. This isn’t as strong of a hold as the classic hairspray that way if I am using this on top of my already sprayed hair it does not create a lot of product buildup or make it unbrushable.

10) 2012-shampoos-pureology-300Pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner: okay so enough with the styling products. This is hands down my favorite shampoo and conditioner. The smell alone makes this a favorite of mine but ultimately it’s the way my hair feels after using it. Since it’s a hydrating shampoo and conditioner it makes my hair so so soft. At first I thought since it was hydrating that it would make my hair oily but it does not. A big thing for me when it comes to shampoo is how well it lathers, I know that is a little odd but it’s so annoying when you have to use half a bottle just to wash your hair. This lathers really really well. The conditioner has a nice mint smell to it and once I start working it into the end of my hair I am able to comb my fingers through it. These are pretty pricey most my think for shampoo and conditioner but I think it’s totally worth it. Just grab it and don’t look at the price tag lol

11) its10hairmaskIt’s a 10 miracle hair mask: unlike the first it’s a 10 product I posted this one is a hair mask while the other one is a leave in treatment. Whenever my hair is looking damaged or looks like monkey’s have been chewing on it (as my mother would say) then I leave this product on my hair for like 20 min while in the shower. On days where I am not going anywhere the next day I put this all over my head but on days where I’m going out in public I just put it on the ends. This product is really hydrating and since my hair tends to be oil prone if I put it on my roots then I look like I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days. Extra tip: it’s a 10 has other products in their line, i’ve tried the shampoo and conditioner and I do not recommend.

12) 2252600T3 featherweight 2 hairdryer: okay I saved the best for last. I recently purchased this hairdryer around 4 months ago and let me tell you I’m in love!! About 4 months ago my hairdryer started smoking and quit so I went to the holy grail (google) and searched for a good hairdryer. After scouring the internet and sephora I came across this gem. After reading the great reviews I decided this is the one I wanted. I had always thought that letting your hair air dry was better for your hair since you were not putting heat on it and furthering more damage, but apparently with this new hairdryer it is better for your hair to dry it with this. Apparently it “uses a process that emits negative ions into the hair and the gentle, wide airflow delivers a greater volume of ionic infrared energy to heat the hair from the inside out.” So basically it is drying your hair from the inside out which dries your faster without over drying it. The biggest difference I noticed was how less frizzy my hair was. It also helped with shine and helped smooth all my baby hair down. Needless to say I love this thing. People call me crazy for spending $200 for a hairdryer I probably am, but I think it was worth every penny. Believe me, save your money and invest in this. (here are some stats from the manufacture) 

– Dries hair 64% faster than other dryers
– 73% reduction in frizz
– 86% increase in body
– 19% increase in shine
– 33% increase in comb-ability
– 48% increase in style retention

Okay so i’m sure you all are looking at this list and thinking that is a lotttt of products! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Trust me neither do I. If I use all of those products in 1 day my hair would look like Amy Whinehouse (RIP). On any given day I only use like 3 of these products. Most of these products are intended for different styles or different concerns (ex:dry hair, flat, oily). I just included all of these products because these are what I have found to be my favorites for when I use them. I get all of my bumble and bumble products at Lollies Beauty Bar in Norman or Sephora, the rest of the products I get at Ulta. If you have products that you love then please share them with me! I am always on the hunt for newer and better products.


I’m going to be talking about reservations…and no I am not talking about dinner or hotel reservations! I’m going to share my reservations I had about starting this blog.

I had always looked at other people’s blogs and loved the idea. They were sharing their favorite brands or DIY projects. I found this to be inspiring and helpful. There is nothing I love more than finding the new beauty brand or best lip color for the season. Even though I found these things helpful and interesting I thought to myself, while I’m thankful for these wonderful souls that share this information I don’t think I could do it. I thought for starters no one would read this except my mom (thanks mom), or that people would find it uninteresting or stupid. Also I seem to think I lead a pretty simple and uneventful life. Of course there are some moments that are one for the books but my everyday life is pretty monotonous. So what would I even talk about?

I applauded the women who would share their thoughts, opinions, likes, and dislikes. These women were putting themselves out there, they were being vulnerable. That’s tough to do in the world we live in. Because now everyone has an opinion on everyone and everything. With that also comes someone else’s opinion on YOUR thoughts and opinions. So for me that was my biggest reason I did not want to start a blog.

Then I decided I didn’t really care if 100 people read this or if 1 person read this. What do I have to lose? Except for precious time I could be watching Netflix studying. I’m doing this as a  way of recording my journey through this time in my life. I’m thinking of it as a diary but one that I share with everyone. I can look back on these posts and see what my favorite things were or what book I was reading. So if you find this interesting, helpful, or inspiring then I’m glad! With anything else, I know there will always be someone who will criticize what I say or do and that’s okay. As of right now this is a way for me to express myself and write about my life. It is also to share things I have learned and hopefully you will find them useful.

I chose the name “A Work In Progress” to be the name of my blog for a couple of reasons. 1) this blog is literally a work in progress. I’m still trying to figure out what all this stuff means. Lets just say I’m not tech savvy in the least. 2) I’m at a point in my life where i’m not sure who or what I’m supposed to be or where I’m going to go. I have no clue what my future has in store for me and while it’s kinda cool, it’s mostly terrifying. So I’m learning new things, experiencing new adventures and everything is becoming a work in progress.


So It Begins…



Hello everyone! My name is Whitney, and I’m from the sooner state. I’m 22 years old and in my last semester at the beautiful University of Oklahoma. A little preview about the things I love: God, family, friends, OU, makeup, Luke Bryan, movies, children, laugher, and all things that sparkle.


Everyone asked me what my theme would be for my blog and my answer continued to be I don’t know. I don’t have a particular talent (unfortunately) or passion, so I was kind of stuck. I decided that I wouldn’t really have a “theme.” I guess this is just going to be a blog that can relate to women around my age or just women in general. I have many interests that I would love to talk about. Things like: makeup, skincare, hair, tips and tricks, books, movies, music, recipes and just all things in my life.


I’m not sure where this blog will take me or what will be talked about exactly. But, I plan on it being a journal not only for myself but for others who may find it interesting. If you are my family or friends you know I DON’T have a way with words. It’s basically like I have random thoughts pop in my head but I never can accurately portray what I’m thinking and put them into words. So everyone please bear with me as I try to figure this all out. This will be my journey through it all.


Just like me, this blog is a work in progress.